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The Legendary Tonga Toast: Kona Cafe (Breakfast) July 20, 2010

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Once again, this is an adventure that began in Lines chat.  A week or so ago, someone brought up Tonga Toast.  There was much excitement about this toast, and several people discussed different strategies for making it at home, or where you could find it in the parks, and there seemed to be lots and lots of drooling.  I knew I had to be in Orlando early on Monday to take Will to the airport, so I found out where to get Tonga Toast (Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort) and I made an ADR.

As usual, I made my ADR for two, just me and Malcolm.  A couple of days later, Susan (AKA weasus), a friend of mine from Lines, mentioned that she would be going to the parks the same day, so I invited her along to breakfast.  She wanted to come, so I went back online, and made a new ADR for a party of 3.  The time changed by 10 minutes, but it wasn’t any big deal to get it switched.  Later that day, Pearsons999 (another Lines chatter, I won’t use her or her families real names, just because I forgot to ask them if I could and I don’t want to do so without their permission), arranged to meet up with Susan later in the day, so I figured, let’s invite them to breakfast too!  So, Pearsons999, her husband, and their 2 teenage daughters needed to be added to the reservation.  Again, not a big deal.  I went online, made a new ADR for 7 people, the time changed by 5 minutes, but, all in all, no problem.  Then, I invited Sabrina (AKA Ofantastic) and her boyfriend Ryan, since they were going to be in the parks for Sabrina’s birthday, and Shane (AKA SnellvilleShane) just because Shane is always fun to have around.  They all agreed.  My little breakfast for 2 had steamrolled into an international party of 10!  (Pearsons999 and family are from the UK, hence, the international).

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I was so excited!  While I really love to eat…I love socializing and meeting new people even more!  Plus, there was just something so awesome about one little chat room bringing all these people together.  I mean, sure, has meets and stuff that they organize in the parks; but, I bet they never imagined Lines would spawn informal meetups like this.  It’s really very cool, and I’m hoping for more situations like this.

So, the morning of the breakfast, I got up crazy early to take Will to the airport, and then headed straight to the Poly.  For once, I have no crazy running late stories; dropping Will off so early meant that there was plenty of time to get to WDW.  I did, however, have an issue with parking.  I was nervous about how parking at a resort would even work.  I had never even been inside one of the resorts before, and I definitely had never driven to one, so I had no idea how this would work.  Would they let me park there?  Did I need to show proof of an ADR?  Would they time me and give me a ticket if I took too long?  I’m not sure why I didn’t do the smart thing and just ask the folks in Lines chat (I swear those people know everything!), but I didn’t.  When I pulled up to the guard booth, I told the (very surly) guard that I had a reservation at Kona, and he waved me in and said, “parking on the left.”  Easy, right?  Sure, if you aren’t me.

Being pregnant and having a 16 month old has taught me to always try to hunt for a good parking spot.  Yes, I realize that this is ridiculous when I’m going to be walking around the parks for miles, but I do it anyway.  So, I’m driving, and I get to right in front of the doors, and I realize that I’ve driven past regular parking and am next to a blocked off valet section.  No problem, I’ll just turn around and look the other way, right?  Wrong.  You can’t turn around.  You know how you turn around?  You drive all the way out, back through the Magic Kingdom lot, almost back to the parking entrance, and you start all over.  As I’m making this circuit I realize that I will have to talk to the surly guard again.  Okay, so I know this is totally immature…but, I really didn’t want to have to face him again and have to explain that I’m too much of an idiot to navigate a parking lot correctly.  Thank goodness I had plenty of time!  I just parked at Magic Kingdom and took the monorail over.

As I rode over on the monorail, the excitement really started to build.  Not only had I never been to check out any of the resorts, but the Poly held a special fascination for me.  It looks so neat from the outside, and I’d heard so much about the exquisite themeing…I couldn’t wait to see it!  The monorail pulled up at the station, and I got out and approached the entrance.  I walked in, and I have to say, I was not disappointed.

I was on the second floor of the main lobby area, I immediately walked to the railing, and there was a gorgeous, lush, tropical waterfall right there in the middle of the hotel!  There were flowers and tiki guys everywhere, it was fabulous!  I still had about 45 minutes until our reservation time, and Malcolm and I spent that time exploring the resort.  One of the first things we did was head to the food court, Captain Cook’s.  I’m sure that seems like a silly place to go…but I had to see if it really existed…if there was really a 24 hour, self-serve Dole Whip machine…there was!!  It was beautiful!  I actually heard a little boy ask his mother what “that crazy lady” was doing when I was trying to steady my phone so that I could get a perfect picture of it.

After that, I headed up to Kona so that a) I would be the first one there and could corral our group as they showed up, and b) I could let them know that our party would only be 8 (Sabrina got sick, so she and Ryan couldn’t make it).  Everyone showed up, most of them on time (Susan!), we even ran into 2 more Liners there having breakfast!  We ordered drinks, and I had my next big excitement.

Rumor has it that WDW has really horrible coffee in general.  Since I’m pregnant, and trying to avoid caffeine (for the most part), I know nothing about that first-hand.  I do know, that most people say one of the only places to get good coffee in WDW is at Kona.  Of course, I had to order coffee.  I thought about going for decaf, but even my doctor says that one or two cups is fine, and I REALLY miss coffee, so I went for regular, fully-caffeinated goodness.  Seriously, BEST CUP OF COFFEE EVER!!  Although, I have to say, that this may be more due to the fact that I haven’t had a real cup of coffee in almost 8 months than it actually being fantastic coffee.  But, I don’t think it matters, it made me super happy.

Pearsons999’s daughters both got some drink that came with a light-up, clip-on Buzz Lightyear.  When I first saw it, I was totally jealous!  Luckily, I’m an adult and have some restraint, so I didn’t reach out and try to steal a 14 year old’s light-up toy (although, just barely).  Unfortunately, Malcolm is a baby and doesn’t have that same restraint.  Even as a grown-up, I understood his wanting a light-up Buzz, it was really cool.  I realized I was going to pay whatever I needed to in order to get him a Buzz.  Is that ridiculous?  Yes.  But I figure this is going to seem like small potatoes in 5 years when I’m standing in line at midnight for a Tickle-me-Elmo/Furby/Zhu-Zhu Pet/Cabbage Patch Kid.  I asked our waitress if I could just pay for a Buzz and not the whole drink and everything.  She said she would check, but she seemed skeptical.  A few minutes later, she returned with a Buzz!!  For free!!  Disney magic never ceases to amaze me.  And before you think that statement is an exaggeration, you should have seen Malcolm’s face…it made his day.

Now it’s time for our food, my legendary Tonga Toast is placed in front of me.  For those who don’t know, Tonga Toast is banana stuffed sourdough bread that is rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with Strawberry Compote.  You also get a choice of meat, I choose ham.  This next statement is probably going to anger a lot of people…but, I wasn’t that impressed.

Okay, here’s the deal.  It was definitely tasty, but this is breakfast people!  I love sweets and all, but something that is caked in sugar and served with what Susan called “a really delicious strawberry milkshake,” at 10 am is just a little nuts.  And honestly, the flavor was amazing.  If this had been in the late afternoon and was a dessert, I would have been bowled over.  However, it was breakfast, and I found myself coveting Susan’s Big Kahuna Breakfast (pancakes, french toast, ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, and home fries).  I nibbled some on Susan’s food, and it too, was delicious.

After we ate, Susan, Shane, and I checked out the pool and the beach, we got lei-ed (which I had to say out loud several times, giggling each time, because I am a twelve year old), and did some more exploring of the resort before heading off to Magic Kingdom.  All-in-all, it was a really fantastic morning.  Breakfast was good, the company was outstanding, the resort was beautiful…it was a perfect way to start the day.  I will for sure go back to Kona for breakfast.  The food was worth it, and if you like coffee, it’s apparently one of your only options.

While I had been exploring the resort before breakfast, I stopped by the concierge to find out more about the Taste of Africa Street Party at Animal Kingdom.  It looks like that’s going to be my next adventure!  Shane and I are going on Thursday, so look out for that post to follow shortly.

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16 Responses to “The Legendary Tonga Toast: Kona Cafe (Breakfast)”

  1. Snowpup Says:

    Silly Wabbit, you get free Valet Parking at the resorts with your TiW card, if you have an ADR.

    Just another handy perk.

    I wonder if I could get the Tonga toast without Cinnamon. Hmm…

    Fun post, thanks.

    • Lol…Susan pointed out the “free valet” later that day…I totally need to read that paper that they gave me with my card!

      I’m sure they would make it without cinnamon. Disney is so good about special requests!

  2. Sweatshirt Says:

    Great as usual. Thanks for the comment on TongaToast. Kona coffee is the absolute best drank it all the tikme I lived on Hawaii! Aloha!

  3. Susan Says:

    Thank you for letting me share this experience with you! And thank you for having the menu on line so I knew that the Big Kahuna (only $11.99-a total bargain!) was the perfect choice for me. By the way, the pineapple-macadamia sauce on the pancakes was just as delicious as the strawberry compote. Yum! And I’m really excited about our plan to go on a full resort tour when all the Christmas decorations go up. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long, but there are plenty of adventures we can experience before then. Cheers!

    • You are always welcome to share in my WDW experiences! Although, you’re lucky I was sick and unfocused when I was writing and forgot to mention the napkin incident!

      • Snowpup Says:

        Napkin incident?

        It cannot be unsaid, you must go on…

      • I’m so glad you asked! And, I knew you would.

        While we were eating, Susan managed to lose her napkin (not a paper one either, but a nice, black, cloth one). Apparently, she just decided not to worry about it and finished her breakfast.

        Later, when we went through bag check at MK…she found it. It had fallen in her bag and she totally stole it!

        It’s totally not a big deal…except that she was embarrassed about it and said she knew it would be in the post and then everyone would know.

      • Susan Says:

        The napkin incident wasn’t nearly as embarassing as finding a Kim Possible phone in my bag after I left Epcot one night! Easy solution, though: return it to a bemused CM the next visit! 🙂 I swear I’m not a thief on purpose!

      • Wow! A Kim-municator!! Now THAT’s bad! P.S. I totally want to do a Kim Possible Mission!

  4. Jenn Says:

    Thanks for another great post! I wonder…do they serve the Tonga Toast all day? It would be a great dessert. But, me, I don’t care, I love anything sweet any time of day!

    Susan, shame on you! 😉

  5. Walters Family Says:

    Another great post! We’ll be staying at the Poly this August, and I can’t wait! We’ve been wanting to stay there for 18 years! I’ve never been to the Kona Cafe. Maybe this trip!

    • That’s so awesome that you’re finally getting to stay there!! It’ll probably take me 18 years to make it there as well. You should definitely stop in there to eat!

  6. TheFugitiveGuy Says:

    I don’t know if I’m “angered” but I’m really surprised that you didn’t love the Tonga Toast. I was there a few months ago, and my wife got the Tonga Toast while I got the Big Kahuna — I would have swapped in a heartbeat! Of course, the variety and quality of my meal was fine, but in comparison, that TT was just so yummy! I was seriously tempted to ask if we could get extra sides of the strawberry sauce, just so I could spread it over all my food.

    By the way, did you get the regular cup of coffee, or the French Press pot? My wife and I got the pot to share, and it was quite good. I agree, the coffee throughout WDW is typically quite bad. But I learned a good trick is to find coffee carts that serve Joffrey’s coffee instead of the typical swill. There’s a cart (in Asia?) at AK, as well as the cart in America at EP, but there are probably others too.

    Fun to hear about the impromptu Lines breakfast meet up. I bet Henry and team never expected such things to happen! 🙂

    • I think it was just too sweet for me. The flavor was great…but I think I would have liked it more if someone else ordered it and I just had one bite…does that make sense? I just had the regular coffee, I actually didn’t realize they had the french press pot, I’ll try that next time! I actually looked up coffee on and they have a great list of all the places in WDW that serve real coffee. They even list who has french press etc. It will be extremely helpful for me once I’m back on my regular caffeine regimen!

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