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In the beginning…I got a Tables in Wonderland Card July 9, 2010

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It all started with a simple question: “What is Cinderella’s Royal Table?”  Okay, clearly, to anyone who has planned a trip to Walt Disney World (WDW) this is a ridiculous question.  However, my fiancee, Will, is not the fan of WDW that I am.  I was so excited that he was bringing up a Disney topic in conversation!  I then, very animatedly, told him all about the fabulousness that is CRT and all about how badly I want to eat there.  He responded with the most “Disney” thing he has EVER said…”Well, then let’s eat there for your birthday.”

I was so excited.  I immediately jumped onto the WDW website to check out the online Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) site.  We all know that an ADR for CRT is a necessity, usually one made 180 in advance at 7:00am.  To my surprise, I found several times available for my birthday!  But as I was filling in the “party size” box I had a realization.  By my birthday, we won’t be a party of 3 anymore, we’ll be a party of 4 (the youngest of whom will be 6 weeks old).  I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to take a prepaid, non-refundable, $120 gamble on the dinnertime behavior of a child I haven’t even met yet.

So, I began researching other restaurants for my birthday.  I wanted to go to every single one I saw.  Ohana, California Grill, Les Chefs de France…they all looked fabulous.  Then I thought…I go to WDW at least once a week, I COULD go to all of them!  Until then, I’d never really eaten at table service restaurants on the parks.  It’s like this whole unexplored part of Disney for me.  Here’s the thing, I don’t like to do things part way.  I decided if I was going to start going to table service resaturants at WDW, I wanted to eat at EVERY WDW table service restaurant, including the ones at the resorts, Boardwalk, and Downtown Disney.  I decided this literally, yesterday.  Less than 24 hours later, I have purchased a Tables in Wonderland card and made an ADR for lunch tomorrow.  I also figured that if I’m going to take on this massive challenge, I want to document it.

So, here we are.  My Eating Around the World blog.  Getting the TiW card and starting this blog feel like really important steps on my journey.  I feel like, now, not only do I have to justify spending $75 on the card by actually using it (often!), but also, if people actually read my blog, then there are people to hold me accountable, and I can’t slack off or give up.  I feel like I can actually accomplish my goal.

Since you’re now on board for my adventure, let me tell you a little about myself, both in general, and as it applies to my project.

My name is Scarlett, I’m 25, I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and I live only about an hour away from WDW.  My son Malcolm is 16 months old, and I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second son Zinn (he’s due September 11).  Malcolm and I spend lots and lots of time at WDW.  We go down at least once a week, sometimes several times a week.  We listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies and basically just love all things Disney.  My fiancee, Will, is NOT the fan that I am.  I think the only times he has ever been to Disney parks has been with me, and he would be quite content with never going again.  However, Will travels for work and is gone most of the time, so Malcolm and I can visit WDW without worrying about him feeling left out.

When it comes to food and eating, I do not consider myself a “foodie.”  Sure, I watch Top Chef.  But, I usually do so while eating a PB&J or a frozen dinner.  When we go out to eat at home, it’s usually to Applebee’s or Cracker Barrel…if we’re feeling really fancy we may go to Outback Steakhouse.  We aren’t terribly sophisticated eaters.  However, I love to eat.  I love having several courses and taking lots of time to enjoy what I’m eating.  I love the experience of being in the restaurant, enjoying the atmosphere, chatting with the waiter, perusing the menu…I love it all!  Food makes me happy.  I’m very much looking forward to experiencing some of the fine dining WDW has to offer, since I rarely eat anything fancy at home.

I realize that starting a project like this at 30 weeks pregnant may not be the greatest idea…but that’s just how things worked out.  Because of that, I’m going to have to be pretty flexible in what I’m attempting.  While my goal is to eat at every table service restaurant, I’m sure there will also be many snack cart and counter service visits as well that I’ll want to write about.  I’m not trying to be a restaurant critic or anything like that.  I just want to eat my food, enjoy the restaurant, and report the experience.  Most of the time, it’ll probably be just me and Malcolm (and later, Zinn) visiting the restaurants, but, I’m sure we’ll have some friends and relatives come along sometimes too.  Also, pregnancy and young children don’t seem to care too much for other people’s schedules, so I’m not going to have any set time frame or anything.  This whole thing is for me to have fun…it’s not supposed be a job or be super structured.  I know if I started attaching rules it wouldn’t be fun anymore, so I’m just going to go with the flow.  Luckily, we all have to eat, so I’m sure I’ll be making regular restaurant visits and won’t go too long between posts.

So, here we go.  Tomorrow I have my first ever ADR.  Malcolm and I will be having a late lunch at The Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom.  I can’t wait to let you know how it goes!!


13 Responses to “In the beginning…I got a Tables in Wonderland Card”

  1. Snowpup Says:

    Woo! eating with Friends!

    I’ll have to give you my top WDW restaurant list, at some point…

  2. Sweatshirt Says:

    Everyone’s got to eat! If you are making ADRs in the late September time frame let me know. I would love to have lunch/dinner with you and crew!

    • I’m not really planning on making ADR’s too far in advance. Especially in late Sept when the new baby will be so little. So, we’ll def get together for a meal while you’re here!

  3. Danielleandjoe Says:

    This is so exciting Scarlett! I kept a food diary at Disney while there on my honeymoon and we ate only TS restaurants. If you want I can email my list so you know what was Felisha and what came up short!

  4. Danielleandjoe Says:

    Stupid iPhone. Delish not Felisha!

  5. meninaobesa Says:

    I’m in for the ride. Don’t forget the pictures too. I love my food porn!

  6. ehoffman Says:

    Would love to see pics and hear about the atmosphere of these places – in addition to all of the yummy food of course! Have a wonderful time, very excited to read more 🙂

  7. just1more Says:

    Loved Liberty Tree, was one of my favs. Not that I’ve eaten at meny places in Disney World.

  8. Michelle Says:

    So fun, Scarlett!! Did you get the ADR for our joint b-day @ CRT? 🙂

  9. Sue Kometz Says:

    Good Luck. Can’t wait to follow more.

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